vrijdag 19 september 2014


Wat een heerlijk klusje toch om restjes op te haken. 's Avonds op de bank, lekker in het zonnetje. De kinderen spelen om mij heen, ondertussen ontstaat er een prachtige deken. 

woensdag 2 juli 2014

Facebook page

Please follow me on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/becced

I've been very busy lately. Busy with work, busy at home. But also busy with my shop:

zondag 2 maart 2014

Hats hats hats

I'm so happy. A while ago I started my own facebook page. Sadly for me, some one else already claimed becced :( today I tried again and... It was available again! So please find your way to:

I've sold quite a few hats recently:

Special order for Thomas

Special order for a little girl

Special order for Sarah Louise

Special order for Lukas

I still have some items in stock:

Wool blend:


zaterdag 1 februari 2014

Old shirt - new dress

I joined in on a swap and received a super sweet dress for Elke. She absolutely loves it. Then I found one of my own old shirts and made a dress myself. The biggest issue was finding the right pattern. Apparently the writers of Knippie and Ottobre don't like simple dresses, because I couldn't find a single pattern. So I used the pattern for a simple t-shirt and the swap dress and made my own pattern. Then it was a simple job putting it all together. 

New dress

Swap dress

woensdag 29 januari 2014

Crochet a gift

A mother at school is having a baby. It's not a normal situation, but complicated and sad. She deserves a nice present. So I've started making a blanket for the little one. Rainbows are always a sign of hope. And also great because they suit both boys and girls!

zondag 26 januari 2014

New blog, no kids

I'm working of a large crocheted blanket. It's through a crochet along. I'm using the English pattern, which is easier to read for me.